I'll not be hunched against the weather - I'll not be hunched against it whether or not your voice is in my head. Does forgetting work for getting better? Is forgetting just forever getting lost, or is forever a-already lost, or is it getting better? A mighty crash of greetings from the other side of the world - I'm in love with you a lot, like I said I was. I'm in love with you, though the weather spins me sideways. Good morning darling, though I guess you mayn't be awake just yet. Today I breathed pure marble air; I'm still not sure that it was there. Confusion's just the brain disguising things you don't want to be true, do you? A mighty crash of ocean waves begs me now please to be brave, and to think what I'm trying to say with all this wordplay.





tomorrow night's Manchester, UK

andrew: is living just enough for the city (fender guitars, nick's bass, keys and stuff).

alistair: is hiding out in the countryside (voice, guitars, drums and other things).

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